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Memoirs of Arsène Lupin: The Countess of Cagliostro

Maurice Leblanc  

Оригинален наслов на книгата : Memoirs of Arsène Lupin: The Countess of Cagliostro
ИСБН : 978-608-267-261-8
Година на издавање : 2021
Издавачка куќа : Арс ЛИБРИС
Прегледaна: пати
Коментари вкупно: 0
Број на страни: 240
Димензии : 145х205
Корица : мека

Краток опис

In the process of writing his memoirs, Arsène Lupin takes us back to his early twenties and his first love: Clarice d’Etigues. Although forbidden by her father to meet, that doesn’t stop Ralph d’Andresy—Lupin’s nom du jour—from wooing Clarice. But when he finds evidence on the d’Etigues estate of a conspiracy to murder a woman, he cannot help but be drawn into the ensuing three-way race to a legendary treasure.

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