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The confessions of Arsène Lupin

Maurice Leblanc  

Оригинален наслов на книгата : The confessions of Arsène Lupin
ИСБН : 978-608-267-257-1
Година на издавање : 2021
Издавачка куќа : Арс ЛИБРИС
Прегледaна: пати
Коментари вкупно: 0
Број на страни: 258
Димензии : 145х205
Корица : мека

Краток опис

In the Confessions of Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief outwits both policemen and criminals time and time again, always making sure to pocket something for himself. Plot Summary: It has been a fortnight since the baroness Repstein disappeared from Paris, taking with her a fortune in jewels stolen from her husband. French detectives have chased her all over Europe, following the trail of gemstones like so many precious breadcrumbs, but she has eluded their efforts. When Arsène Lupin finds her, she will not escape so easily.

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