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The wonderful Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum  

Оригинален наслов на книгата : The wonderful Wizard of Oz
ИСБН : 978-608-247-731-2
Година на издавање : 2017
Издавачка куќа : Либи
Прегледaна: пати
Коментари вкупно: 0
Број на страни: 168
Димензии : 120*200
Корица : мека

Краток опис

A little farm girl named Dorothy
and her pet dog, Toto, get swept away into the Land of Oz by a Kansas cyclone. Upon her arrival, she is hailed as a sorceress, liberates a living Scarecrow, meets a man made entirely of tin, and a Cowardly Lion. But all Dorothy really wants to know is how does she get home again. The ruler of Oz, the great Wizard,
who resides in an Emerald City,
may be the only one powerful enough
to help her.


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